Welcome to Las Palmas Condos


930 West Beach Blvd

Gulf Shores, AL  36547


P O Box 2863

Gulf Shores, AL  36547


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Ø 2015 Budget

Ø  Owner UpDate Form still needed from 20 units - What about your unit??? 

Ø  Wi-Fi, Cable, Phone  -  quotes and recommendation  -  Review/Respond Now 

Ø       Condo Rules - Please Make Sure They Are Posted In Your Unit

Ø       Flood Insurance Proof, 2nd Page   - Forms for 2015 now posted

Ø Elevation Certificate

Ø       FAQs  

Ø       Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Ø       Recommended Contacts


Please HELP police our complex.


Please clean the washers and dryers of sand after use!